The U. S. Space Force for Brass Quintet

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The U. S. Space Force For Brass Quintet Arranged by Jari Villanueva

The U. S. Space Force (The Invincible Eagle)

By John Philip Sousa

2 Trumpets in Bb
Horn in F (Optional Eb part)
Trombone (Optional TC Baritone)


Parts downloaded in pdf format upon payment

Although there is no official Space Force song or anthem, a placeholder piece was put into place on July 4, 2020. That selection is the trio to John Philips Sousa’s “The Invincible Eagle” march written in 1901.

If performed in a medley with other service songs, “The U. S. Space Force” comes between The U. S. Air Force and the U.S. Coast Guard in order of precedence.

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