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I was Detailed to the Regimental Band-How the music continued after 1862 (paperback)
By John Bieniarz 

Civil War! Rebellion! The Union was torn apart. This was a time for men to do their duty, and "Save the Union!" was heard all over the north. In May 1861, the Federal government authorized every volunteer infantry regiment to field a 24-piece brass band, and thousands of town bandsmen enlisted. In early 1862, the government determined the cost for these bands to be prohibitive. Congress passed Public Law 165, the War Department issued General Order 091, and all volunteer regimental bands mustered out of service between August and September 1862. Music was no more. Well, "steady boys!" The music did not stop, not by a long shot. John F. Bieniarz, a modern-day Civil War brass bandsman, has done extensive research to prove the existence of hundreds of regimental brass bands after August 1862. Starting with Massachusetts, the author presents his case regiment by regiment, proving the existence of approximately 50 brass bands, when the state only authorized 23. How was this possible? Because privates from the ranks were ... detailed to the regimental band. This new book regarding the musicians of the Civil War units of Massachusetts, the first of a series of such with regard to Civil War units of New England, and other states, this book culminates years of historical research by Civil War band musician John Bieniarz and his wife Rebecca Doucette. A much sought after source for any Civil War enthusiast. 6x9, soft cover, 572 total pages, indexed

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