Naval Reserve March by Sousa for Concert Band

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Naval Reserve March by Sousa for Concert Band Edited and Arranged by Jari Villanueva
For Concert Band (See page 1 of score for instrumentation)
Score and parts downloaded immediately upon payment

With the outbreak of World War One Sousa found himself responding to his patriotic urgings. He joined the US Navy (at age 62) to organize the bands at the Great Lakes Training Center in Michigan. As the war progressed in Europe, it was felt that it would be only a matter of time before America was drawn into the conflict. With the sudden growth of the armed forces to meet the war requirements came the need for musicians to staff bands and provide field musicians (buglers and drummers) to sound the military signals. Great Lakes Training Center trained Navy musicians for duty in the fleet. Sousa was put in charge of over three hundred sailors training for musical duty in the Navy. In addition of the bandsmen that were training there were buglers training for duty on naval vessels. Sousa combined the bandsmen and field musicians into a large marching unit that was known as the “Jackie” Band. This band toured the United States in Liberty Loan and Red Cross drives raising millions of dollars for the war effort. He did this all for one dollar a month at the rank of Lieutenant. His influence and work resulted in many fine fleet bands. He left the Navy after the armistice with the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, USNR and proudly wore the insignia for the rest of his life, even being buried in the uniform.

His march “The Naval Reserve” was one of his naval salutes and dedicated to the officers and men of the Naval Reserve. The march incorporates his song, “Blue Ridge, I’m Coming Back To You.” The lyrics of the refrain begin, “Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, I hear the bugle call.” Fittingly enough Sousa wrote a bugle call preceding the song which appears as the Trio in the march. This delightful bugle march is accompanied by a basic rhythmic figure on the 1st and 3rd beats of each measure and a sparse woodwind line.

This bugle call was written with the M1892 Field Trumpet (bugle) in mind. In photos of Sousa and the “Jackie” Band buglers can be seen holding the M1892 Field Trumpet in the front rows. The slides on the trumpets are pulled out to have the instrument sound in the key of F.

This band arrangement by Jari Villanueva is a delightful setting of the original arrangement that gives the woodwinds and brass a chance to shine in different sections. Pay careful attention to the dynamics to make this march really shine!

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