The Fairest of The Fair

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The Fairest of the Fair March for Brass Quintet and Optional Drums
By John Philip Sousa Arranged by Jari Villanueva

2 Trumpets in Bb
Horn in F
Optional Drums
Substitute parts for Eb Horn and Baritone T.C .provided

Score and Parts downloaded in PDF Format upon payment

“The Fairest of the Fair" (1908) by John Philip Sousa was composed for the annual Boston Food Fair of 1908 and is claimed that the memory of a pretty girl he had seen at an earlier fair inspired the composition. Sousa composed "The Fairest of the Fair" intending his Band to perform it at the annual Boston Food Fair in the fall of 1908. It is the only work of any kind that he composed that year and one of only a handful of compositions that he wrote between 1906 and 1910. He apparently completed it in New York during the summer, as the final page of the original score was signed "John Philip Sousa, Camp Comfort, Saranac Lake, Adirondack, New York, July 8, 1908."

The march almost missed its premier at the Boston Food Fair. Because of an oversight the music, which Sousa had written and scored out, did not have individual parts written out for the performers. This was discovered the day before the performance. The new composition had received much advanced publicity and it would have been an embarrassment to Sousa not to have it performed. The band’s copyist, Louis Morris, rose to the occasion and on the train to Boston stayed up and copied out the parts so the band could premier the work as advertised on September 28, 1908. In the morning when Sousa found out Morris was working all night he instructed him to finish the work and get some rest. Morris missed the concert and the premier but found an extra $50 in his next paycheck.

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